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I help businesses increase revenue
while maintaining an amazing culture.

Ricky Mendez has directed over a half billion dollars in sales and has been trusted to appoint key personnel to implement his sales and prosperity planning programs. He attacks the issue of a minimalistic mindset by inviting people to change the way they think. Condition the mind and the body will follow. He believes TODAY is the greatest time in human history to be alive because there’s greater opportunity than ever before.

Ricky Has Worked With
Mindset Fitness

The foundation of a successful, productive and happy life and business. Mindset Fitness helps you take the power back in your life and business by helping understand how powerful you are, creating prosperity habits and making the consistent choice to live in a world of potential and possibility.

Energy Conversion

Energy conversion unveils the power of perspective and how to convert negative energy into positive energy on a consistent basis so you can stay on the path of your goals and dreams.

$ynergistic $elling

$ynergistic $elling teaches you want to say in a sales process and, more importantly, what NOT to say. It helps you find more common ground and unique ways to present your value proposition to even the more skeptical clients to create synergy.

Children: The World’S Greatest Optimists

It’s amazing what we see when we look through a child’s eye; this speech teaches you how to look for it and the questions to ask children for a fresh perspective on life. There is nothing more powerful than the optimism in a child’s mind.

Women Empowerment

The world is starving for it. Ricky shares the lessons he’s learned from his women mentors, how he’s implemented them and how they have made his life better.

Prosperity Planning

Ricky teaches a step by step process to hold yourself accountable through implementation and brain hacks so you can truly plan for your prosperity with endless inspiration and empowerment.

Leadership From Within

Every organization will want real leaders that can drive productivity, efficiency and profitability. Leadership from within teaches you how to add fulfillment and inspiration to the workplace so everyone feels like they have equity.

Utopic Health

7.36 is the most important number in your entire anatomy; it’s so important that if it varies a few degrees you die. Utopic Health helps you take the power back in your health by understanding cellular health and where energy is created within your body and how to fuel yourself with clean energy for your life, your work and your family.

Borrow Your Way To Wealth

Ricky first shares that we must unlearn what we have learned with regards to leveraging money in our life and business. He teaches how to leverage your money and credit, without risk, to create passive income streams that allow you to have more time and freedom to spend the way you want. Resourcefulness is far more valuable than resources. It’s take money to make money, it just doesn’t have to be your money & if it makes you money it costs you nothing.

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